Sunday, April 19, 2009

Meg's direct line to God

It sure seems that Meg has a direct line to God. This time Megan's dog got SICK. he was neutered on Monday then started V&D EVERYWHERE! He is only 3#'s so he can't domuch of it. Wednesday we went to the vet, the vet said not good, probally gonna die, most likely Parvo. Now 2 things happened here- 1. is I realized I really like Pepe Lopez and 2. is I thought, oh Lord, you can't do this- we've spent money on him and Meg would be crushed, plus she needs a dog to come home to after her belly button surgery on 5/8/09. I told Meg after the doc left to let the test run that Pepe is very sick and may not live. She said "God won't let that happen, let's pray." She prayed that God make Pepe all better. the vet came back and the test was negative! We took Pepe home and he was still not himself, put him in his crate as we went to church for our life group, not knowing of he would be alive when we got home. Well we came home and Pepe was FINE! The next morning he was totally normal, in all ways. I'm telling you, first Meg prays for her own pet, then she prays he will get better- despite all odds. Meg has a direct line to God. Now if only she could pray us into winning the lottery. Guess we'd have to play it... Meg said "I asked God to make him better and he did it, just for me!"

A little update on Holly

Holly is such a character! She is sweet, funny, adorable, fiesty, and a little stinker all rolled into one cutie! She reminds me of Mark & Megan. She loves to snuggle and sit on laps. She usually doesn't mess with Jenna, but was trying to push Jenna off my mom's lap, so she could have Grandma to herself. She almost always will push or kick or hit Mark &/or Megan off of me and tell them "Mine Mommy."
She loves to be a little mommy, to her doll and Meg's chihuhua. It is so funny to see her pick up and carry around this 3# dog.
Holly is potty training right now and that is going very well. She refuses to use the little potty, but must use the big one. She says she has to go "Peep". I love it! She has 1 or 2 accidents a day, sometimes none, it depends on if I have to go somewhere, as she is great for me.
She calls Meg & Jenna "Sissy", Mark by his name, Tilly is "Dog-Dog", Pepe is "wah-wah" (for Chihuhua). She is really talking a lot, it is so fun to hear her talk. That's our Holly Berries!


Megan is obsessed with getting her hair dyed "magenta". For now I have her satisfied with getting her hair sprayed with Hot Pink hair color spray. It is pretty cute. I am thinking of buying wash out hair dye for her. The funny thingis every time Meg gets her hair done, Holly runs in and says "Mine pink, pease" and taps her head. It is so cute, of course she gets her hair done, too. Just like "sissy".

The 2009 Awana Grand Prix at CBC. Megan won 1st place design for her class- "open class" which was younger than Kindergarten and older than 12th grade. She also took The Best of Show trophy for her chocolate bar. Very fun for her! however Mark (and Brian) are very disappointed that Mark did not win an award for design of his X-Wing Fighter. He came in 2nd several times during the races, too. I think Brian was more upset than Mark. But I must say this does not encourage the brother sister relationship, as Mark is still waiting to lose a tooth compared to his little sis who has lost 2! Yikes! We had a lot of fun and that's what counts! Right?

Jenna & Pepe hanging out at CBC's car show

Brian & Pastor kevin with Pepe & Bella
2 men and their dogs!

Holly's 1st haircut

By the lovely Melissa L. A very cute 'do!

Our recent trip to Disneyland with Rebecca & Josh. Fun times!